Aluminum Nitride – One of The Most Promising Ceramic Materials

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Aluminum nitride It’s a covalent bonds compound. The chemical formula for the substance is AlN. Aluminum nitride has a diamond-like structure. It’s hexagonal crystal systems, with wurtzite crystal structures. It’s non-toxic and can be white or offwhite. Aluminum nitride, a ceramic material, has exceptional comprehensive properties.
Aluminum nitride or AlN has the properties of high strength and volume resistance. Also, it is highly thermally expandable and can be matched with silicon. It’s used not only as a sintering agent or reinforcing layer in structural ceramics but also for other purposes, particularly in recent years. Its performance in ceramic electronic substrates and packaging materials far surpasses that of aluminum.

The Use of Aluminum Nitride

Used to enhance luminescent materials
Aluminum nitride, also known as AlN, has a maximum band gap of 6.2eV. This gives it a higher photoelectric efficiency than indirect band gap semiconductors. AlN, a vital blue and ultraviolet light emitting material, is used in UV/deep ultraviolet light-emitting devices, ultraviolet laser diodes, as well as ultraviolet detectors.

It is used in ceramics, refractory and other materials.
Aluminum nitride can also be used to sinter structural ceramics. You can use the AlN ceramics’ heat resistance and corrosion resistance to make high temperature, corrosion resistant parts like crucibles and Al-evaporating dishes.

For composite materials
As packaging materials, epoxy/AlN materials must be able to dissipate heat and thermally. This requirement is increasing. Epoxy resin, a polymer material, is easy to cure and has good chemical properties. It also has low shrinkage. However, it has high thermal conductivity. You can increase the thermal conductivity of epoxy resin by adding AlN nanoparticles, which have high thermal conductivity.

Piezoelectric device application
Aluminum nitride exhibits high resistance, high thermal conductivity (8-10x that of Al2O3) and a similar expansion coefficient to silicon. It is a great material for high temperature and high power electronic devices.

Apply to substrate material
AlN crystal makes a great substrate for AlGaN, AlN and AlN epitaxial material. AlN and GaN substrates are better than SiC and sapphire. Also, the stress between the substrate & the epitaxial layers is lower than SiC.

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