American Elements

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american elements has a catalog of more than 35,000 products and is the world’s largest manufacturer devoted exclusively to advanced materials. Its materials science research & development programs have been a key resource for corporate, government and academic new product development for over two decades.

Since 1990, american elements has been instrumental in enabling numerous fundamental technological breakthroughs. These include LED lighting, smartphones, and electric cars. Its ability to cost-effectively scale lab top successes to industrial scale production has been a major factor in delivering these innovations and paving the way for future technologies.

Ceramic Powders

american elements is a leading manufacturer of spherical metallic and spray-dried ceramic powders that are engineered in such a way that they are agglomerate-free, have low oxygen and carbon content, enhanced flowability and processability, high strength-to-weight ratios, and optimal performance for a wide range of additive manufacturing techniques. The company adheres to the highest standards of quality control and lot-to-lot consistency.

Trace Elements

Streams, rivers and groundwater throughout the Nation contain trace elements, which are metals, metalloids or radionuclides that occur in minute amounts in nature. Many manmade sources contribute to trace element pollution, including mining, urban runoff, industrial emissions and nuclear reactions.

Stable Isotopes

american elements manufactures a wide range of stable isotopes of the natural and essential metals, metalloids and radionuclides that are vital to the health of living organisms and our Nation’s ecosystems. These isotopes include Nickel-58, Copper-63, Molybdenum-94, Lithium-6 and Vanadium-51. In addition to being a staple ingredient in auto spark plugs and medical lasers, these isotopes are also used to study the absorption of nutrients in the human body.