Application and Prospect of Titanium-Aluminum Carbide Max Phase

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Research on MAX phases can be traced back as far as the 1960s by Nowotny, et al. It was Nowotny et al. who first introduced the idea of ternary transition metal carbides (or nitrides). Barsoum first referred to the materials as “Mn+1AXn phases” in 2000 (or simply MAX phase). In which M represents the transition metal element and A the primary element. X refers to either C or N.

Titanium-Aluminum Carbide Max phase

In the MAX Phase of tiAL-C, the Al can be quickly diffused and selectively oxygenized. The compact Al2O3 coating will prevent further oxidization. It is possible for the material to self heal at high temperatures due to its microstructure. This property is important to preserve the mechanical properties of the material and increase its reliability. This self-welded Ti3AlC2/Ti2AlC laminates has a much higher fracture strength than those made from single-phase materials.

Potential of Titanium-Aluminum Carbide Max phase

MAX products feature a variety of properties like high damage tolerance and good mechanical, thermal, and other properties. This has attracted much attention in the recent years

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