Application of nano alumina powder in various fields

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Coating material for lithium battery diaphragm : high-purity nano-alumina The ceramic coating is applied to the negative and positive electrode separators of the lithium batteries. It acts as insulation, heat resistance, and high temperature resistance to keep the battery safe from damage. The battery is melted and then short-circuited. Additives to the lithium battery cathode materials Doping high purity nano-alumina to make lithium cobaltate, LiMnA, and other lithium-containing compounds. It can increase thermal stability, enhance cycle performance, and resist overcharge, as well as inhibiting the generation of oxygen, and avoid LiCo02. Direct contact with an electrolyte reduces electrochemical specific capacit, which in turn increases the electrochemical specific potential of LiCoO2.
Catalyst Carrier High-purity, g-type, nano-alumina has a porous structure with a high activity level and high adsorption ability. It is an important adsorbent, catalyst, and catalyst carrier in the petroleum refining, petrochemical, and oil industry.
Powder coating Anti-caking The nano aluminum oxide is used to enhance the bulkiness of powder coats. It also has good anti-caking effects. Powder coatings in high-temperature and high humidity environments will have good storage properties.
Add 5-20% of nanoalumina powder to your coating. The coating will be 22 more scratch-resistant than a traditional one. 5 times. Nano-alumina can be used to create a network structure on the paint surface that protects the polymer paint layers from damage. The nano-paint’s anti-scratch properties are superior to the original. The paint’s strength is tripled and it is widely used in paint for cars and other purposes. The coating can be made harder by adding nano-alumina. A 20% increase can bring it to 6-7H. This does not affect the coating’s transparency.
Thermo conductivity: Plastics, rubbers. Adhesives, coatings. The thermal conductivity of alumina single crystal is 30, with a high thermal conductivity and large spherical-filling. Coupling agents, which are surface treatment agents that improve thermal conductivity without altering the mechanical properties of the matrix material, can be used to improve compatibility between the resin matrix, the filler, and the thermal conductivity.
Ceramic : Nano Alumina is high purity, uniform in particle size, and has good dispersibility. By adding about 10% of sintered clays to your mold, you can increase the molding pressure, reduce the number pores, improve the density of ceramic green bodies and the mechanical properties of alumina ceramics following sintering. You can also reduce the sintering temperature.
Powder metallurgy For metallurgy: Nano-alumina powder, small particle sizes, large specific area, high activity. Add 1-3% of nanoalumina to prevent matrix density and grain size increases. This will enhance hardness, electrical conductivity, mechanical properties, and enhanced melting point.
Polishing Alumina has uniform particles with high sphericity. It can be used for precision polishing and is suitable for metallographic Polishing. It can be used to polish stainless steel mirrors, cast iron polishing and aluminum mirror polishing. Paint polishing. Resin polishing. Glass polishing.
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