Calcium Hexaboride CaB6 Powder CAS 12007-99-7

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About Calcium Hexaboride CaB6 Powder:
Calcium hexaboride (calcium boride) is a compound of calcium and boron, with the chemical formula CaB6. Due to its high conductivity, hardness, chemical stability and melting point, it is an important material. It is a black, shiny, chemically inert powder with low density. It has a typical cubic structure of six metal boride, with octahedral units of six boron atoms and calcium atoms.

CaB6 has been investigated in the past due to a variety of peculiar physical properties, such as superconductivity, valence fluctuation and Kondo effects. However, the most remarkable property of calcium boride is its ferromagnetism. It occurs at unexpectedly high temperatures (600K) and with a low magnetic moment. The origin of this high-temperature ferromagnetism is the ferromagnetic phase of the dilute electron gas, linkage to the presumed excitonic state in calcium boride, or external impurities on the surface of the sample. The impurities might include iron and nickel, probably coming from impurities in the boron used to prepare the sample.

CaB6 is insoluble in H2O, MeOH (methanol), and EtOH (ethanol) and dissolves slowly in acids. Its microhardness is 27 GPa, Knoop hardness is 2600 kg/mm2), the Young modulus is 379 GPa, and electrical resistivity is greater than 2·1010 Ω·m for pure crystals. CaB6 is a semiconductor with an energy gap estimated at 1.0 eV. The low, semi-metallic conductivity of many CaB6 samples can be explained by unintentional doping due to impurities and possible non-stoichiometry. Feel free to send an inquiry to get the latest price if you would like to buy Calcium Hexaboride CaB6 Powder in bulk.

Product Performance of Calcium Hexaboride CaB6 Powder:

Calcium boride has the characteristics of high melting point and high hardness. Its physical and chemical properties are quite stable. When calcined in air, sub-micron CaB6 will only gain weight after 800 degrees Celsius and is not easy to oxidize. CaB6 is generally insoluble in hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid, so technically to remove impurity materials by hot hydrochloric acid, but CaB6 is soluble in nitric acid.

How is Calcium Hexaboride CaB6 Powder produced?
One of the main reactions of industrial production is:
CaO + 3 B2O3 + 10 Mg→CaB6 + 10 MgO
Other methods of producing CaB6 powder include:

Calcium or calcium oxide reacts directly with boron at 1000°C;
Ca + 6B→CaB6
Ca(OH)2 reacts with boron under a vacuum of about 1700°C (carbothermal reduction);
Ca(OH)2 + 7B→CaB6 + BO(g)+ H2O(g)
The reaction of calcium carbonate and boron carbide under vacuum above 1400°C (Carbothermal reduction)
CaO and H3BO3 react with Mg to 1100°C.
Low temperature (500°C) synthesis
CaCl2 + 6NaBH4→CaB6 + 2NaCl + 12H2 + 4Na
As a result, the material quality is relatively poor.

In order to produce, for example, pure
calcium boride single crystals used as cathode materials, the CaB6 powder thus obtained is further recrystallized and purified by zone melting technology. The typical growth rate is 30 cm/h, and the crystal size is about 1×10 cm.
Single crystal CaB6 nanowires (diameter 15-40 nm, length 1-10 microns) can be obtained by pyrolyzing diborane (B2H6) on calcium oxide (CaO) powder at 860-900°C in the presence of Ni catalyst.

Technical Parameter of Calcium Hexaboride CaB6 Powder:

Product NameMFPurityParticle SizeBulk DensityMelting PointColor
Calcium HexaborideCaB699.5%-325 mesh2.33 g/cm32230℃Gray Black


Application of Calcium Hexaboride CaB6 Powder:

1. Used as a boron-containing additive for dolomite charcoal and magnesium dolomite charcoal refractories to resist oxidation, erosion and improve the thermal strength.
2. Used as a deoxidizing and degassing agent for highly conductive red copper to improve conductivity and strength.
3. Used as a new type of material for preventing neutrons in the nuclear industry.
4. Used as a new type of semiconductor material in spin electronic components with a temperature of 900K.
5. Used as a raw material for manufacturing boron trichloride (BCl3) and amorphous boron.
6. Used as a raw material for manufacturing high-purity metal borides (TiB2, ZrB2, HfB2, etc.) and high-purity boron alloys (Ni-B, Co-B, Cu-B, etc.).
7. Used to manufacture a mixture of catalyst-containing calcium-boron nitride (Ca3B2N4) and hexagonal boron nitride, and to produce crystal cubic boron nitride with excellent performance.


Storage Condition of Calcium Hexaboride CaB6 Powder:
Damp reunion will affect CaB6 powder dispersion performance and using effects, therefore, calcium hexaboride CaB6 powder should be sealed in vacuum packing and stored in cool and dry room, the calcium hexaboride can not be exposure to air. In addition, the CaB6 powder should be avoided under stress.

Packing & Shipping of Calcium Hexaboride CaB6 Powder:
We have many different kinds of packing which depends on the calcium hexaboride CaB6 powder quantity.
Calcium hexaboride CaB6 powder packing: vacuum packing, 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel, or as your request.
Calcium hexaboride CaB6 powder shipping: could be shipped out by sea , by air, by express as soon as possible once payment receipt.

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Calcium Hexaboride Properties

Other Nameszirconium boride, ZrB2 powder
CAS No.12007-99-7
Compound FormulaCaB6
Molecular Weight104.944
AppearanceBlack Powder
Melting Point2235 °C
Boiling PointN/A
Density2.3-2.45 g/cm3
Solubility in H2OInsoluble
Exact MassN/A

Calcium Hexaboride Health & Safety Information

Signal WordWarning
Hazard StatementsH315-H319-H335
Hazard CodesXi
Risk CodesN/A
Safety StatementsN/A
Transport InformationNONH for all modes of transport
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