Chemical Formula For Beryllium Nitride

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Beryllium nitride is a white-to-slightly-yellow crystalline solid with the formula Be4Na3 (C6H5N2H2). It is also known as white graphite, and is commonly used in ceramics. It has a low boiling point of 3000 K and is resistant to many acids, alkalis and salt solutions.

chemical formula for beryllium nitride

The atomic weight of boron is 9.0122 u. It has a large scattering cross section for high-energy neutrons, and is therefore useful as a neutron source in nuclear reactors. It is a weakly oxidizing element, and has a very low threshold energy for emitted neutrons.

Chemical Structure for Beryllium nitride

The crystallographic structure of boron nitride is a cubic phase with hexagonal symmetry and a density of 2.27 g/cm3. It is insoluble in cold water but soluble in warm or hot acid solutions at room temperature.

Oxidation Numbers and Ionization Energies

There are a number of ways to describe oxidation states, but the most common is to use integers that range from -4 to +4. This is similar to the nine possible oxidation states of carbon (-4, 0 and +4).

Electron affinity and ionization energies are related to atoms’ reactivity, or their tendency to lose electrons. Ionization energies can be measured by using a battery to ionize the atom and measure the amount of energy required to remove the outermost electron.

Ionization energies are a better way to determine reactivity than electron affinities. Typically, the lowest ionization energy is for alkali metals, and then increases across the periodic table to the noble gases, which have closed shells.