Choosing the Right Bounce for Your 56 Iron

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Often called the “sand wedge”, this club is one of the most versatile in a golfer’s bag. It’s used for shots across a range of distances, including pitches into the green and bunker escapes. It’s an excellent club to have for any player – low handicappers and amateurs alike.

The 56 iron provides plenty of loft to get your ball up in the air. It can also be useful for flop shots from deep rough or tricky lies on the course. The extra bounce on these wedges is especially handy for getting out of sand traps or tight lies – a shot that many players will use frequently when they find themselves in trouble around the green.

Choosing the right bounce for your sand wedge depends on the conditions where you play. If you’re playing in soft fluffy sand, you want a wedge with more bounce and a bigger sole. Conversely, if you’re playing in firm hardpan sand, a wedge with less bounce will work better.

If you choose to use your wedge primarily as a pin seeker from the fairway with full swings, you may prefer to go with a higher bounce – typically 8deg – 10deg. Alternatively, you might prefer lower bounce if you tend to take shallow and thin divots or are a “digger”. Regardless of your preference, we recommend trying out different bounce options in order to find the best fit for you and your game.