Coating process of the new ceramic material Titanium Nitride  

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What’s the purpose of Titanium Nitride Titanium nitride Stable compound which does not react with iron, chromium and calcium at high temperatures. TiN does not react to acidic or alkaline sulfur under both CO and N2 atmospherics. TiN crucible provides a great container to investigate the interplay between certain elements and liquid steel. TiN is a titanium nitride made by heating and losing nitrogen in a vacuum. TiN has a bright golden color, high melting points, hardness and excellent chemical stability. This material has high electrical conductivity, superconductivity, and is suitable for use as an electric contact, molten sodium electrolytic electrode and other conductive materials. This material is widely used for high-temperature resistance and wear resistance as well as in decorative and aerospace fields.
Which properties are there for the titanium nitride coated?
Many roles can be played by titanium nitride coateds. The surface can be improved in its finish and corrosion resistance. It also has wear resistance. A vacuum ion coating on the surface will greatly increase the wear resistance, durability, and performance in corrosion resistance.
The chemical heat process of nitriding is where the nitrogen atoms are penetrated into the outer layer of the workpiece. It uses a given medium and heat at a defined temperature. Products nitride treated have exceptional wear resistance, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance. They also exhibit high resistance to heat. This coating uses aluminum titanium nitride to create a metallic coating with an elegant and beautiful metallic luster. It is highly resistant to corrosion, oxidation, and scratching. The technology can be used in many areas. This technology can be found all around the house, especially for outdoor and indoor main surfaces decoration. Surface damage and breaking can occur when the bend is greater than 90 degrees. It can keep surface polishing in place for up to 20 years. It is possible to save both time and costs on cleaning and polishing available copper plating and gold plating. You can clean the area with a soft cloth or glass cleaner. This is a strong anti-destructive method of sex. You can wipe the handwriting and figure with a soft cloth to get rid of it. You can even prevent radiation from harmful substances.
Price of Titanium Nitride
Titanium Nitride purity can be priced differently. There is dynamic movement in the market for Titanium Nitride. We are available to assist you at all times.
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