Cobalt Foil

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cobalt foil – Manufacturer and distributor of cobalt and cobalt alloys for the shipbuilding, heavy equipment, defense, construction and aircraft industries. Products include channels, bars, rods, plates, angles and sheets. Services include shearing, MIG/TIG welding, heat treating, tempering, quenching and forming. Also provides band saw/waterjet/flame/plasma cutting, machining and punching. Meets MIL-P Spec, ASTM, ASME and AMS standards.

Two-dimensional (2D) hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN), with its honeycomb lattice structure similar to graphene, is attracting significant attention because of its exceptional properties and wide range of potential applications. However, direct growth of large-area and high-quality h-BN heterostructures on smooth substrates is still challenging.

In this study we report the synthesis of high-quality h-BN heterostructures with large-size and single-crystalline domains on mechanically polished cobalt (Co) foils by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy. The coverage of h-BN layers was controlled by adjusting the growth time, resulting in uniform, large-area, and high-quality stacked h-BN heterostructures.

The photoelectric sensitivity of the h-BN heterostructures was studied using continuous emission spectroscopy and fluorescence lifetime spectroscopy. The results show that the sensitivity of the h-BN heterostructures increases with temperature. A plot of the sensitivity against the cobalt long-wave limit shows that an abrupt change was observed in the sensitivity at a temperature around 850degC, which was confirmed by X-ray analysis to be associated with a structural change.