GaN Chargers

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gan chargers run cooler, making them more efficient at charging your laptop, tablet and mobile devices. They are also better at conducting electricity and can fit more power capability into a smaller brick. They are more efficient than standard power bricks and can reduce wasted energy dissipation, saving you money on your electric bill.

GaN stands for gallium nitride, and it is a semiconductor that offers device producers an alternative to silicon. It can work at higher thermal levels than silicon, and it can handle higher voltages over time. It can also conduct current much faster, which means that it is easier for chips to transfer power. gan chargers are a new technology that uses these chips, and they offer several benefits for both manufacturers and consumers.

For consumers, gan chargers can be cheaper than silicon chargers because they use fewer parts and require less power to operate. They can also save you money on your power bill because they are more efficient and use less energy than normal chargers.

AppleInsider has tested a handful of gan chargers, including the Ugreen Nexode 140W. The small charger can quickly charge your laptop and mobile devices at high speeds, which is a huge benefit if you’re on the go. Its compact size and foldable prongs make it easy to carry. It supports USB-C PD and other fast-charging technologies, which enable the chargers and your devices to talk to each other and determine the optimum amount of power needed.