How To Easily Prepare Dysprosium Oxide Luminescent Materials

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What’s Dysprosium Oxide? Dysprosium Oxide is a chemical substance that has the chemical formula Dy2O3. The white powder is slightly hydrophobic and can absorb water as well as carbon dioxide from the air. Magnesium is stronger than that of high iron oxide. Insoluble in acid and alcohol. Primarily used in lighting.

Dysprosium oxide

1. Chemical and physical data

The relative molecular masses of dysprosium dioxide are 373.00 and (d274) 8.81 respectively. The melting point for the material is approximately 234010°C. The boiling point is around 3900°C.

2. Property of physical and chemical substances Dysprosiumoxide is a white crystal powder. It’s insoluble when water is used, but can be dissolved in acid or ethanol. Exposure to the air causes it to absorb carbon dioxide, which turns into dysprosium-carbonate.

Dysprosium oxide

is the Main Use Dysprosium dioxide can be used to make dysprosium and as an ingredient for glass and neodymium-iron boron magnets. As an additive to permanent magnets made of neodymium metal boron, dysprosium can be also used. The coercivity of a magnet may be increased by adding about 2 to 3.3% dysprosium. There was a small demand in the past for dysprosium. But with NdFeB, this element is now a necessity. The grade should be between 9599.9%. And the demand is growing rapidly. Also, dysprosium oxide can be used to make dysprosium metallic, an additive for glass and neodymium-iron boron permanent magnetics.

Prepare Dysprosium Oxide-Luminescent Material

You will need to weigh the correct amount of Europium Oxide and Dyprosium Oxide powder. After preparing ionic Solution A, heat and stir. Finally, you can add to solution B by heating and stirring. The solution is ready to be used once it’s evaporated at 80°C. You quickly transfer the solution to the corundum container and seal it. The high-temperature resistance furnace can be preheated up to 600°C. Next, place the container containing the precursor solution in the furnace and quickly close the door. Once heated, the precursor solution instantly boils and produces large amounts of heat. It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete the entire process. Once the sample has been removed, it can be cooled at room temp. It is a porous, loosely porous product that has a yellowish-green color. You can grind the product into SrAl2O4;Eu2+ and Dy3+ luminescent materials powder. The initial illuminance is 15lux, with an additional 12h afterglow. The emission peak is at 510nm. When the luminescent particles reach a nanometer size, then the relative Eu and Dy contents change or the crystall lattice is damaged. The luminous brightness of light is decreased or no light is emitted. But if the particle size is too large, it will make the coating film unevenly or not smooth. This test shows that the luminescent dust has a particle size greater than 75mm. Tungstenmolybdenummetals advanced materials Tech Co., Ltd. is a Dysprosium Oxide Powder company with more than 12 years of experience in chemical product research and development. We are here to help you find high quality Dysprosium Oxide Powder.
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