Mg3N2 Powder, which is extremely sensitive to moisture moisture

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What role does the Mg3N2 Pulver play? Magnesium nutride It is soluble in acids and insoluble with ethanol. 800, and then decomposition in water. 700 Sublimation The air decomposes into Mg (OH), 2 and NH3. It is an organic compound that has many uses. Magnesium Nitride can be used in many different applications. It’s an essential sintering ingredient in preparations of high hardness and high heat conductivity. Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and high temperatures resistance of silicon nitride or boron nutride. Mg3N2 can be used to replace magnesium desulfurization in steel smelting. It is conducive for increasing steel’s density, strength, tensile and bearing forces as well as the amount of Vitriol (alum) within the material. The Chinese government has proposed a high-quality standard for construction steel. The number of additional additives can be reduced by using magnesium nitride’s (Mg3N2) de-sulfurization, which helps to lower the cost of production steel.
Are there any precautions regarding the storage or use of magnesium Nitride?
Magnesium (OH) 2 is highly sensitive to moisture. In the atmosphere, it immediately becomes Mg (OH), 2 and then NH3. The container should be kept at room temperature and in dry, well ventilated areas. There should be no contact with any water while it is being stored. Magnesium nutride can only be used to research and develop, it cannot be used in any way for domestic or medical purposes. Protective edge edges are required for safety glasses. It is important to use the gloves. You must inspect the gloves before you use them. You should not get your hands on the glove’s exterior. It is important to choose protective equipment and tamperproof clothing based on the amount and concentration of hazardous substances present in each workplace. Wear protective eyewear that is not in contact with your skin. If dust is created, exhaust equipment should be installed. You should not get close to any source of fire. Contact with skin should be immediately washed with plenty of hot water. Inhalation can cause severe irritation. You can take off your contact lenses if they are easy to remove. Call a poison control center or doctor if you have any questions.

In an emergency, how should magnesium nitride leaking be dealt with?
Personal protective equipment should be worn by operators to reduce dust, prevent inhalation of steam, smoke and gas, as well as ensure proper ventilation. Evacuate personnel as soon as possible to minimize dust inhalation. To ensure environmental safety and prevent future leakage, overflows or products from entering the sewer, it is important to quickly evacuate them.

Mg3N2 Powder Price
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