Modification of Natural Graphite and Artificial Graphite

The difference in processing technology and raw materials will determine the final product.

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Natural graphite is separated from artificial graphite. Graphite is an excellent choice for anode materials in lithium-ion batteries because of its low lithium cost and high efficiency.

Analyse of natural graphite

Natural flake graphite can be used to make natural graphite. It is then modified to produce spherical natural Graphite. Although natural graphite has many advantages, there are some drawbacks to it.

Natural graphite exhibits many defects on the surface, high specific area and low efficiency.

PC-based electrolyte can cause serious problems such as solvated lithium Ion co-embedding. This leads to graphite peeling and expansion, and ultimately, battery performance failure.

The anisotropy of natural graphite means that lithium ion is difficult to embed from the end faces. It also makes it easy for lithium ions to be precipitated. The majority of artificial graphite is made from dense petroleum coke, needle coke, or other precursors. However, there are some issues such as poor magnification, low temperatures performance, and easy separation of lithium.

Modifications to natural graphite

Different surfactants were applied to the graphite to fix its surface imperfections and toler electrolyte well.

To improve magnification of natural graphite, the first step is to modify the surface pore structure. After etching with strong alkali (KOH), the solution was diluted in aqueous water.

You can also use strong oxidants to treat the surface of graphite. This will passivate it and make natural graphite more efficient.

Third, fluorinate natural graphite by using ClF3. Effectively, the cycle life and charge/discharge ratio are improved.

The amorphous graphite can also be coated to form “coreshell” structures. The carbon source for amorphous Carbon is typically pitch, phenolic or other low temperature pyrolytic material. Because of the long distance between carbon layers, the presence of a carbon coating can reduce interfacial impedance and isolate electrolyte from the particles. Enhance the intercalation or diffusion of lithiumion.

To solve the anisotropy problem in natural graphite, mechanical treatments are often employed to shape the particle morphology. An air flow shaping device uses wind to create particles that rub against each others and to cut corners. The method doesn’t introduce any doping impurities. It has high efficiency and will result in the pulverization a large amount of particles with low yield.

Mechanical fusion machines use the material to spin at high speeds in a rotor. The material clings on to the wall with the help of centrifugal force and then passes between the stator extrusionhead and the rotor at high velocity. This is when the material will be subject to extrusion force and shear pressure. To achieve the goal of spheroidization, the surface is subject to the friction between particles and other particles.

Natural graphite’s particle sizes are reduced to 15-20 mm after the spheroidization process. The first efficiency and performance of the cycles is clearly improved. Magnification performances can also be greatly enhanced.

Modifications to Artificial Graphite

Modifications of artificial graphite. The modification process of artificial graphite has a different structure than that of natural graphite. Reorganizing the particle structure of graphite can reduce the OI value (position degree) of graphite grains. A needle coke precursor of between 8-10mm in diameter is chosen. The carbon source for the binder is typically asphalt. A number of needle coke particles can be bonded using drum furnace treatment. The secondary particles, with a size of between 14-18mm, are used for graphitization. This will reduce the Oi values of the material.

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