Nano-Ferrosoferric oxide Fe3O4 have a special application in biomedicine

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What is nano Ferrosoferric oxid? Iron (II and III) Oxide is also known by the name Fe3O4. Black Fe3O4 is an oxide of mixed-valence iron that has a melting point 1597. It also has a density of 5,18g/cm3. It is not soluble but soluble when mixed with acid. It is found in nature as magnetite, with strong sub-magnetite. At room temperature it has a high conductivity.
Ferromagnetic or ferromagnetic substances undergo a second-order transition into paramagnetic compounds above the Curie temperature. Fe3O4’s Curie Temperature is 585.
Nano-ferrosoferric (Fe3O4) oxide powder is magnetic. It can move in a directional manner when exposed to an external magnetic field. It can generate heat by generating superparamagnetic particles in a specific range. It is widely used because its chemical properties are stable.
What are magnetic Nanoparticles?
Magnetic Nanoparticles/Magnetic Nanoparticles (MNPs) are new materials with rapid development and high application value in recent years. The application of magnetic nanoparticles has increased in recent years.
The nano-Ferrosoferric-oxide Fe3O4 exhibits special magnetic properties when reduced to a nanometer-scale. These properties are not found in bulk materials because of the small-size effect, surface-effect, quantum-size effect, and macroscopic-quantum tunneling effect. This makes it a very useful material in industries, biomedicine and other fields.
In biomedicine, nano-Ferrosoferricoxide Fe3O4 has many applications.

Magnetic polymer nanospheres (also known by the name immune magnetic microspheres), is composed of magnetic particles and polymer scaffolds for preparation of biomedical material. The polymer materials used include silanes, polyethylenes, polystyrenes, poly(acrylic acids, starch dextrins, gelatins, albumins, ethylcelluloses, etc.). Skeleton materials are mostly inorganic with magnetic.
Fe3O4 has stable properties, is strong, non-toxic, and can be used for a variety of biomedical applications, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), magnetic separation (targeted drug carriers), cell markers, tumor heat treatment, contrast research and retinal detachment surgeries. The magnetic hyperthermia treatment is a hotspot for domestic research, particularly in the treatment and prevention of cancer-oriented drug carrier and tumor.
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