Nickel Plated Mesh

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If you’re looking for a mesh that is strong and durable while offering good corrosion resistance, a nickel plated mesh may be the right choice. This wire mesh is highly versatile and can be woven into a number of different screens depending on the industry and use.

How to choose the right wire mesh for your needs

Wire mesh is a popular choice for filtration in many industries and applications, including mining, oil and gas, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, machinery, building and construction, electronics and battery production. It has a high tensile strength, is a corrosion-resistant material, and can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

The oxidation resistance of nickel mesh makes it an ideal choice for the filtering of air and water. It also works well in environments that contain halogens, caustic alkalines, and various organic compounds.

nickel plated mesh is a type of metal mesh that is woven from a wire with a nickel content of at least 99.5%. It is primarily used for alkali and hydrogen electrolysis cell electrodes, current collecting mesh, shielding radiation, special gas liquid filtration, etc.

A typical example of this material is the MH electrode that is commonly found in batteries. MH electrodes have an appropriate energy capacity, geometric dimensions, and mechanical integrity while having satisfactory electrochemical functioning and long cycle life. MH has the ability to conduct electricity with high efficiency and is a very effective and economical electrode material. Despite its effectiveness, MH electrodes are still susceptible to degradation during charge/discharge cycling. To combat this, a mixture of ethylene carbonate with either diethyl or dimethyl carbonate can be used to create a protective surface film on the graphite.

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