Reasons for Spheroidization of Spherical Quartz Powder

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What is spherical Quartz Powder?

Spherical Quartz Powder, also known by spherical Silica Powder, is an amorphous powder of quartz that has particles that are spherical in form and whose main constituent is silicon dioxide.

Spherical quartz is used primarily for copper clad laminations and epoxy mold compound fillers within large-scale integrated circuit packaging. However, it also has applications across high-tech areas such as aerospace, fine chemicals, and everyday cosmetics.

Why is Quartz Powder Spheroidized

1. The ball has a small surface area, isotropy, fluidity, and filling quantity. It can have a mass ratio of 90.5%. The filling speed of silica micropowder can be increased.

The filling rate for silicon micropowder is higher, but the thermal expansion factor of the plastic sealing material is lower. In other words, the lower the thermal conductivity, and the closer the thermal expansion of monocrystalline silicon, the better performance of electronic components.

2. The strength and stress concentration of the plastic sealing compound made from spherical dust is the lowest. The plastic sealing compound made of angular powder has a stress concentration equal to 1, but the stress from the spherical is only 0.6. When the spherical dust plastic sealing compound is used to encapsulate the integrated circuit chips, the yield is High. This makes it difficult to cause mechanical damage during transport and installation.

3. Spherical powder’s friction coefficient is low, so the mold wear is very minimal. The mold also has a long service-life. The service life of the mold is doubled when compared to angular powder. The cost of plastic sealing compound packaging molds is high. It is therefore necessary for some to be imported.

4. Silicon micropowder has the ability to strengthen epoxy resin. Spherical powder can also enhance this effect.

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