Silver Cylinder Cremation Urn

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Silver is a metal that has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. It is resistant to corrosion by air and water, but reacts rapidly with ozone or hydrogen sulfide to form silver sulfide. It has a low melting point and is found naturally in copper-nickel and lead-zinc ores. It can also be produced as a pure metal or in alloys with other metals.

silver cylinder

Whether you’re designing an elegant soiree or a rustic chic wedding, this tapered cylinder vase will add an aged look to your centerpieces. Made from sturdy crystal clear glass, the cylinder vase maximizes content visibility with its thick wall construction and weighted base. The cylinder vase tapers slightly from the top, accented with a distinctive ribbed design.

This cylinder style cremation urn can be displayed at home, buried, or kept in a columbarium niche. It can be personalized by adding a loved one’s name, birth and death dates.