Silver Titanium Alloy Applications

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silver titanium alloy is used in a wide variety of applications requiring consistent electrical conductivity and resistance. The alloy is manufactured in a number of grades, including titanium grade 2 (Ti-2) and Ti-6Al-4V grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V-ELI).

Known for its high strength to weight ratio, the metal is corrosion resistant and has excellent ductility and strength at elevated temperatures. This enables it to be used for a wide variety of applications including chemical manufacturing at elevated temperatures, aerospace, and medical devices.

The metal is also compatible with the human body because it does not corrode or react with bodily fluids, making it a popular material for dental implants and joint replacements. It is also a good choice for sports equipment, as its high strength and toughness help prevent breakage and damage.

A number of titanium-containing minerals are mined worldwide, including rutile, which is refined into titanium dioxide (TiO2), an intensely white permanent pigment that is used in paints, paper, toothpaste and plastics. It is also used to make cement, gemstones and for a number of other industrial purposes.

Aerospace & Maritime Industry

The aerospace industry uses titanium for a wide variety of aircraft components, including engines, compressor blades, landing gear, rotors and exhaust ducts. It is also used for spacecraft and missiles, as it has a high strength to weight ratio and offers reliable resistance to abrasion, fatigue, and breakage.

Medical & Dental Industry

The medical industry also uses titanium in many surgical applications, including orthopedic pins and screws, springs, staples and parts of joint replacements. It is also a preferred material for biomedical implantable components because it has good fatigue strength and low modulus.