Stannic Sulfide SnS2 Powder CAS 1314-95-0

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About Stannic Sulfide SnS2 Powder:
The tin disulfide is an inorganic compound with a chemical formula of SnS2. It is a yellow hexagonal flake with a CdI2 crystal structure. It is hardly soluble in water, but it is soluble in aqua regia and hot alkali solution, and also soluble in sodium sulfide solution. It is commonly used to Make golden paint.
Tin(IV) sulfide crystallizes in the form of cadmium iodide precursor crystals, where Sn(IV) is located in an “octahedral pore” defined by six sulfide centers. It naturally appears as rare mineral montmorillonite, which can be used as a semiconductor material with a bandgap of 2.2 eV.
SnS2 is an n-type semiconductor material with a hexagonal CdI2 structure. Tin disulfide (SnS2) is a layered metal dihalide semiconductor with a chemical and crystal structure similar to molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). In each individual layer, Sn is sandwiched between two Slayers with strong covalent bonds, while a single monolayer is maintained by weak van der Waals forces. When the weak van der Waals force is overcome by physical or chemical peeling, each layer will break freely.
Like many other two-dimensional semiconductors, SnS2 exfoliates to form atomic layer sheets, which can be used in FET, photovoltaic solar cells, sensors, and photocatalyst applications.
The tin disulfide is an acidic sulfide, soluble in aqua regia and hot alkali solution, and can undergo coordination reaction with concentrated hydrochloric acid, but it is insoluble in dilute hydrochloric acid, insoluble in water and nitric acid. It can react with ammonium sulfide to dissolve. Feel free to send an inquiry to get the latest price if you would like to buy Stannic Sulfide SnS2 Powder in bulk.

Stannic Sulfide CAS 1314-95-0 Description:
Product Name: stannic sulfide
Stannic Sulfide formular: SnS2
Stannic Sulfide color: yellow
Stannic Sulfide particle size: -100mesh
Stannic Sulfide purity: 99.99%
Stannic Sulfide apperance: yellow powder
Stannic Sulfide density: 4.5g/cm3
Stannic Sulfide production method: 
1mol of high-purity tin and 2mol of high-purity sulfur are vacuum smelted under high temperature and high pressure, and then melted after subsequent treatment.
Stannic Sulfide analysis:


How is Stannic Sulfide SnS2 Powder produced?
A bright yellow tin disulfide precipitate can be obtained by passing hydrogen sulfide into the acid solution of tin tetrachloride
In addition, selenium disulfide can also be prepared by the action of sulfide on tin chloride solution.
Tin disulfide can be obtained by directly combining tin and sulfur in the presence of iodine. The reaction requires heating:
Sn + 2 S → SnS2
Another method is to pass hydrogen sulfide into the tin (IV) salt or tin (IV) salt solution and precipitate it.

Applications of Stannic Sulfide SnS2 Powder:
Tin disulfide (SnS2) is a two-dimensional van der Waals semiconductor material with excellent photoelectric properties. The material is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, rich in content and easy to prepare. The properties of tin sulfide are semiconductors, which are mainly used in laboratory research and development and experiments, and are currently very active in the market.
Tin disulfide is an n-type semiconductor material with a layered hexagonal CdI2 crystal structure and a wide bandgap of about 2.35 eV; the wide bandgap makes it have good optical and electrical properties and can be used for holographic recording and electrical conversion System materials, solar cell materials and anode materials of Lithium Chemicalbook sub-cells, etc.
Because tin disulfide has a bandgap similar to silicon, is safe and environmentally friendly, and has a high absorption coefficient, it is very suitable as an absorber layer for solar cells. In recent years, it has become a research hotspot for domestic and foreign experts. It can also be used for imitation gold plating and manufacturing. Used for paints and so on.
Tin disulfide single crystals can be used to prepare single-layer and few-layer SnS2 by mechanical or liquid stripping.
Tin disulfide powder is suitable for liquid chemical exfoliation to prepare SnS2 nanosheets and nanoparticles as low as a few layers of thin films.
Tin disulfide has high sensitivity and high surface activity. The exfoliated SnS2 single-layer or multi-layer ultra-thin film made of bulk crystals and powder has also been used in light emitters, field-effect transistors (FET), gas sensors, and photodetectors. , Thermoelectric photovoltaic and other fields and energy storage equipment, such as the application of lithium-ion batteries.

Storage Condition of Stannic Sulfide SnS2 Powder:
Damp reunion will affect SnS2 powder dispersion performance and using effects, therefore, Stannic Sulfide SnS2 Powder should be sealed in vacuum packing and stored in cool and dry room, the Stannic Sulfide SnS2 Powder can not be exposure to air. In addition, the SnS2 powder should be avoided under stress.

Packing & Shipping of Stannic Sulfide SnS2 Powder:
We have many different kinds of packing which depends on the Stannic Sulfide SnS2 Powder quantity.
Stannic Sulfide SnS2 Powder packing:vacuum packing, 100g, 500g or 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel, or as your request.
Stannic Sulfide SnS2 Powder powder shipping:could be shipped out by sea , by air, by express?as soon as possible once payment receipt.
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Stannic Sulfide Properties

Other NamesTin(IV) sulfide, tin disulfide, tin dissulphide, tin sulfide,
tin(4+) dissulfide, SnS2 powder
CAS No.1315-01-1
Compound FormulaSnS2
Molecular Weight182.84
AppearanceGold-yellow Powder
Melting PointN/A
Boiling Point600
Density4.5 g/cm3
Solubility in H2OInsoluble
Exact Mass183.846337

Stannic Sulfide Health & Safety Information

Signal WordWarning
Hazard StatementsH315-H319-H335
Hazard CodesXi
Risk CodesN/A
Safety StatementsN/A
Transport InformationNONH for all modes of transport
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