Strontium Hydroxide Octahydrate Formula

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Strontium hydroxide octahydrate is a white powder which is produced by the reaction of water upon an oxide. It has high purity and may be available in submicron or nanopowder form.

This compound is a colorless deliquescent crystal and absorbs carbon dioxide from the air. It is soluble in hot water and acids. It melts at 375degC and is used in the sugar industry, in lubricants and soaps and as a plastic stabilizer.

It is a strong base that is widely used for producing strontium lubricating wax and all kinds of strontium salts. It is also used in oil and paint industry to improve its drying properties.

In addition, it is an active ingredient in depilatory hair removal products. It is a severe skin, eye and respiratory irritant. It can be dangerous if swallowed and is therefore not recommended for use by children or the elderly.

The OH- anion of hydrogen and oxygen is present in nature and is one of the most widely studied molecules in physical chemistry. It has diverse properties and uses, from base catalysis to detection of carbon dioxide. In a watershed 2013 experiment, scientists at JILA (the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics) achieved evaporative cooling of compounds using hydroxide molecules, a discovery that may lead to new methods of controlling chemical reactions and could impact a range of disciplines including atmospheric science and energy production technologies.

Strontium hydroxide is very slightly soluble in cold water and can be prepared by the addition of a strong base such as sodium or potassium hydroxide drop by drop to a solution of any soluble strontium salt most commonly the nitrate, Sr(NO3)2. The precipitate will then filter off, be washed with cold water and dried.