The Knowledge of Ceramic Powder Properties And Ceramic Powder Applications

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Ceramic powder A heterogeneous material composite composed of metals or alloys and one or more ceramic phases.
Cermets are usually ceramic phases of high melting point oxides, such as Al2O3, BeO and ZrO3. ), nitrides (TiN, BN, Si3N4, etc. ), carbides (TiC, WC, etc. ), borides (TiB2, ZrB2, etc.) The metal phase consists mainly of Ti and Cr. Other metals can be used, either alone or in combination, as well.

Based on the type of ceramic, cermets fall into five main categories: carbide, oxide, carbonitride, boride, graphite, or diamond carbide.

Ceramic Powder Properties

As a high temperature material between high temperature alloys and ceramics, ceramic powder combines both the toughness and plasticity (of metals) and the melting point, corrosion and wear resistance (of ceramics).

It is extremely resistant against high temperatures. Its strength can even be maintained at 1200degC. It won’t melt when heated and won’t decompose till 1900degC. It has an amazing chemical resistance, and is also a high-performance electrical insulating material.

Applications for Ceramic Powder

1. Aerospace
Aerospace cermets offer a lot of potential for further development, due to the harsh environment and technical requirements, such as high temperatures, wear resistance, strength, and stability. Ceramic powder can be used in the manufacture of stationary rings and valves for aerospace or aviation engines. It has excellent abrasion and high-temperature resistance.

2. Manufacturing and Processing Fields
The ceramic powder’s high hardness and wear resistance, as well as its good toughness and oxidation-resistance, make it an indispensable material in the manufacturing and processing industry, particularly in measuring and cutting tools.

3. Other areas
In addition to the high temperature and corrosion resistant ceramic powders used in other industries, they are also used as high temperature crucibles or high temperature parts in metallurgy, wear-resistant high temperature and temperature resistant parts in machinery, thermionic casthodes in electronics, etc.

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