Tin IV Selenide

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A typical layered metal chalcogenide, containing a group 16 anion (Se2-) and an electropositive element (Sn2+), tin iv selenide is a narrow band gap semiconductor with a wide range of applications. It is structurally analogous to black phosphorus, and has received considerable interest for a number of photoelectronic, memory and energy harvesting applications.

Phase equilibria and compound formation for Tl-Sn-Se[14], [15]

The tin selenide-thallium selenide system, or SnSe2, is one of the most intriguing ternary systems in the group of transitional metal dichalogenides, with a high probability for tertiary compounds to form due to the strong ionic interaction between the components. In fact, several tin and selenium ion-bonded thallium diselenide-tin diselenide compounds have been observed in this system.

tin iv selenide is available in various forms for a variety of applications, including bulk single crystals and powder for mechanical or liquid exfoliation to prepare monolayer and few-layer SnSe2 thin films. It is also used as a source for solid-state lubricants, due to its interlayer bonding and relatively low thermal conductivity.

The chemical, physical and toxicological properties of tin iv selenide are not well understood, so appropriate safety measures should be taken when handling this material. Inhalation, ingestion and skin exposure can lead to a range of adverse health effects including nausea, vomiting, tin poisoning and lung irritation.