Tungsten Carbide Powder

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Tungsten carbide powder is a hard and durable material that is used in a variety of industrial applications. Its high density and hardness make it a desirable material for hard wear-resistant tools and components.

Tungsten carbide is a chemical compound consisting of tungsten and carbon. It has a number of properties including a hardness comparable to corundum, a high tensile strength, high electrical conductivity, and high thermal expansion. Besides its use as a wear-resistant material, tungsten carbide powder is often used as an additive for cemented carbide.

Tungsten carbide powder is produced by a variety of different processes. Standard tungsten carbide powders are available in a wide range of particle sizes. The smallest particles are 0.8 microns in size. In addition, tungsten carbide powder is also available in various specialty packaging for special applications.

Tungsten carbide powder is one of the most widely used tungsten compounds. This substance is used to produce a wide range of industrial tools and parts, including high-speed cutting turning tools and wear parts. As a result, tungsten carbide is an essential raw material for hard alloys.

Generally, a hard carbide is made up of a carrier tungsten carbide and a metal catalyst. Carburized tungsten carbide powder is used in a variety of industrial applications, such as in drill bits and hot press powders. Other applications include abrasives and wear-resistant semiconductor films.

Tungsten carbide powder is used as a modifier for cemented carbide in abrasive and hardfacing processes. In these applications, tungsten carbide powder provides excellent wear-resistant properties for low-temperature applications.

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