What is Aluminum Nitride AlN Powder?

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Introduction to AlN powder Aluminum Nitride Aluminum nitride is a covalent bonds compound. The chemical formula for AIN is It is anatomical crystal, belongs in the diamond-like, hexagonal nitride system. The crystal structure is wurtzite-type, non-toxic, and can be white or off-white.
Aluminum nitride This synthetic mineral is not found in nature. AlN’s crystal structure is hexagonal wurtzite, which has a low density of 3.26g/cm3. It also has high strength, good heat resistance (Decomposition occurs at 3060), and other advantages.

The Physical Properties of Aluminum Nitride AlN powder
AlN remains stable above 2200. It has a high strength at room temperatures and a slow decrease in strength with temperature increases. AlN has a high thermal conductivity and a low thermal extension coefficient making it a good heat shock material. It is a great crucible material to melt and cast pure iron, aluminum, and aluminum alloys. Aluminum nitride also has good dielectric properties. It is also a promising electric component. It is protected by ionization during annealing thanks to the aluminum nitride coat on gallium arsenide. Aluminum nitride also acts as a catalyst in the conversion of hexagonal to cubic boron nutride.
It reacts slowly at room temperature with water. It can also be produced from aluminum powder, ammonia, and nitrogen at 8001000. The product ranges from white to grayish blue powder. Gray powder can be obtained by using the al2O3C-N2 reaction synthesis at 16001750. Or, you can use aluminum chloride and ammonia gases in the opposite direction. By vapor deposition, the AlCl3/NH3 system can be used to make the coating.

This is it.
1. It has a high thermal conductivity of about 320W/m*K, which is close to SiC and BeO, and is more that 5 times as high as Al2O3
2. Excellent electrical properties (eg, dielectric constant, dielectric loss, body resistivity, dielectric strength);
3. Excellent mechanical properties. The flexural strength of BeO and Al2O3 ceramics is higher than theirs and can be atmospherically sintered.
4. Good optical transmission properties
5. Non-toxic.
Aluminum Nitride AlN Powder Properties
Other names Aluminium nitride
CAS No. 24304-00-5
Formula compound AlN
Molecular Weight 40.9882
Appearance White to pale yellow powder
Melting Point 2200degC
Boiling Point 2517 degC (dec.)
Density 2.9-3.3g/cm3
Solubility of H2O N/A
Exact Mass 40.9846
Aluminium Nitride AlN powder (CAS 24304-00-5

Aluminum Nitride AlN Powder – Applications
AlN’s piezoelectric property makes it possible for the extensional extension to AlN crystals to be used in surface acoustic-wave detectors. These detectors will be placed onto silicon wafers.
Aluminum nitride ceramics They have high room temperature, high-temperature strength, a low coefficient for expansion, and excellent thermal conductivity. This allows them to be used as high temperatures structural parts of heat exchanger materials.
Due to their corrosion resistance against iron, aluminum and other metals, the aluminum nitride clays can be used for crucibles or casting material for melting Al and Cu, Ag and Pb.
Aluminum nitride ceramics High-tech ceramics are a new breed. Aluminum nitride substrate is non-toxic, resistant to corrosion, high-temperature resistance and good thermochemical stability. It can be used as a packaging material, heat dissipation, component, interconnect carrier, and circuit components for large-scale integrated and semiconductor circuits. It is also an excellent additive to increase the thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, and thermal performance of polymer material. Aluminum nitride can also be used in smelting nonferrous metal and semiconductor galium arsenide. Aluminum nitride can be used as an electrical insulator and has good dielectric properties. The gallium arsenide’s aluminum nitride coat protects it against ion implantation during annealing.

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