What is Cuprous Oxide Cu2O Used For?

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What is Cuprous Oxide Cu2O? Cuprous oxide is an univalent copper dioxide, bright red powder that is almost insoluble, and gradually oxidized in the air to black copper oxide.

Cuprous oxide is a common pigment, fungicide, or antifouling ingredient in Marine coatings. The first rectifier diodes made from this material were in use in industry back in 1924. This was long before silicon was the norm. Benedict’s test also has a positive pink color due to copper oxide (I).

What is Cuprous Oxide and Cupric Oxide?
Copper is a bright red-orange metal that has high conductivity to heat, electricity and other forms of energy. Copper shares this ability with gold and silver because each element has a “free agent” electron, which is capable of negotiating chemical bonds with all atoms around it. The other electrons are all tightly bound to their groups, but this one can be transferred.

Copper reacts with water molecules, which can contain two hydrogens and one oxygen. This free electron is transferred to an oxygen atom nearby, binding it to a single molecule. It is known as copper oxide if only one copper atom is attached to an oxygen molecule. It is cuprous oxide if two copper atoms bond to one oxygen. Copper oxide is “fully oxidized”, but cuprous oxide stays active.
Cuprous oxide’s active form is what makes it a very effective fungicide. It still produces reactive oxygen, highly reactive molecules. These are unstable molecules which can cause damage to cells.

What does Cuprous Oxide serve?
Antifouling paint is for ships and ship bottoms. It’s an effective way to control corrosion.
Paint for glass and porcelain
It is used as a p-type semiconductor material in the production of photocells light meters and rectifiers.
Useful as a fungicide or seed dressing agent.
Cuprous oxide is often used as a catalyst to produce other chemicals. This is used for the manufacture of zinc chloride, ferrous chlorineide, and other chemicals. It is also used to absorb UV light in surface treatment products.
Cuprous oxide accounts for 9 to 15% of all battery production. It’s also used in metal production and construction as well as in the manufacture of plastics and organic compounds. It’s an ingredient in several paints, and it is used as an oxygenant in many metal plating process.
Useful in industrial and construction as effective preservatives, catalysts, and reagents of ultra-high purity. It’s particularly useful in manufacturing and process control as well as construction. It is also used for water treatment, especially to purify water to remove dissolved parts and for the polymerization specific polymers.
This process is essential for steel production and serves as a catalyst for metallurgy. Catalysts reduce the iron’s oxide.
Useful as pigments and flame retardants as well as a flux in metal melting.

Price of Cuprous Oxide
Price is affected by many factors, including supply and demand in a market, industry trends and economic activity.
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