What is Nano Silicon Powder?

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Introduction to Nano Silicon Powder Silica Si powder (smoky grey superfine powder) is a dark, smokey-gray powder. The amount of carbon in it will affect the color. Silica powder’s whiteness is between 40-50. It has a bulk density around 200kg/m3. The true density is 2.2g/cm3. Nano silicon powder This refers to crystalline silica particles less than 5 Nanometers in diameter (billionths thereof of a meter).

Nano Silicon Powder has Physicochemical Property
Nano silicon powder This product has high purity, small particle sizes, uniform distribution, large specific area, high surface activity and low loose densities. It is tasteless, non-toxic and has excellent activity. Nano silicon powder A new generation of photoelectric materials has a wider gap semiconductor and is also a high power light source material.
Nano Silicon Powder Properties
Other Names Silicon Nanoparticles, Silicon Nanopowder, nanosilicon,
CAS No. 7440-21-3
Formula compound Si
Molecular Weight 28.08
Appearance Yellow Brown Powder
Melting Point 2900 degC
Boiling Point N/A
Density 2330g/cm3
Solubility of H2O N/A
Exact Mass N/A

Silicon Nanoparticles Nano Si Powder CAS 7440-21-3

Nano Silicon Powder preparation
There are three methods of preparing the ingredients. nano silicon powder Mechanical ball milling, chemical and vapor deposition, as well as plasma evaporation, condensation. The industrial production of silicon powder in western countries began earlier. There are specialized silicon products companies such as Chemicalbook of Japan and DuPont of the United States. The company can use plasma evaporation, condensation and other methods to produce high-quality nano silicon powder in different sizes. It is the most advanced production technology in the world.

Nano Silicon Powder: Applications
1. Can be used to produce nano silicon wire for rechargeable lithium-carbon anode materia, or the nano spherical surface of silicon powder coated with graphite. It can enhance the rechargeable battery’s electric capacity and charge-discharge cycle times by more than three times.
2. Can be used in high-temperature resistant coatings and other refractory materials. It can react with organic matter as the raw material for organic silicone polymer materials.
3. The coating can be used to form nano silicon particle films, which are widely used in solar power.
4. Mixing nano-spherical diamond powder and silicon under high pressure creates nano-sic – diamond composite materials. These materials can be used for cutting to increase strength and toughness.
5. Nano-silicon is used as an anode material in lithium-ion battery batteries. The theoretical specificity of nano-silicon, or nano-silicon carbon, is higher than that of carbon.
6. The silicon nanoparticle substrate was used to design more than ten types silicon nanoparticle/siliconoxid nanostructures. These nanostructures achieved photoluminescence in major band from near ultraviolet to near-infrared as well as low threshold voltage electroluminescence. Forward or reverses bias was applied.

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