What is the wear resistance of hafnium carbide?

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How does HfC powder work? Hafnium carbide (HfC) This gray solid has a metallic luster and the highest melting points of all single compounds. You will find it has great characteristics like a high melting points, hardness, high temperature strength, corrosion resistance and low thermal conductivity. It is used widely in cutting tools and dies as an additive to Hard Chemicalbook alloy. It’s also useful for rocket nozzle materials. This means it can be used as a nose cone for rockets. This material can be used to control the rods in nuclear reactors.

Where is HfC powder useful?
It is used to create control rods for nuclear reactors. The atomic energy sector is dependent on pure hafnium because it has the following properties: plasticity; high temperature processing ease and resistance to corrosion. Hafnium, with its excellent thermal neutron capture section makes it an ideal neutron absorber. This can also be used as a protection rod for atomic reactors. Hafnium can also be used to propel a rocket. In the electrical appliances industry, you can make the cathode for an Xray tube. Hafnium can be used in rocket nozzles or gliding-reentry aircraft’s front protection layers. Hfta alloy can also be used to produce tool steel and resistant materials. Hafnium, an additive element, can be found in heat-resistant alloys like tungsten and molybdenum. HFC can also be used to add cemented carbide because of its high hardness. HFC 4 tac has a melting temperature of approximately 4215. This is the highest-recognized compound.

Properties of chemicals HfC powder
With hafnium, carbon and the rest as main ingredients. Hafnium carbonide (HfC), which has the highest melting temperature among all single compounds, is HfC. The thermal expansion coefficient of 6.73×10-6/ and volume resistance is 1.95×10-4 O cm (2900). Inert and reducing environments, the reaction temperatures are 1900 to 2300. Usually, carbon and hafnium oxide (HfO2) are combined into powder. Ceramic desserts with high density are made by either hot pressing or hot isostatic pressure. Hafnium carbide can combine with many other compounds (such ZrC, TaC etc.). HfC-4TaC is an example of a composite carbide. It has two phases: the first is hafnium caride-tantalum crate eutectic. The second phase is acicular graphite with a ratio 50:1. This hafnium-carbide (HfC), which is “near eutectic”, has high thermal stability, and high melting points. You can use it as a throat material in rocket nozzles. Density: 12.7 Melting point: 3890

HfC powder price
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