Why High Purity Graphite Powder Resists High Temperature

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What is High Purity Graphite Pulp? High purity graphite powder It is highly resistant to high temperatures (3000°C), insoluble in acids (insoluble) and has lubricity. Graphite, a vital carbon material, is one of the most important raw materials to produce pencil lead, refractory substances and coatings. It’s widely used as a steelmaker deoxidizer and to make artificial diamonds. Additionally, it can be used to add coating fillers or grinding materials. The high-temperature process is the best and most efficient way to purify graphite. High-temperature methods can achieve graphite purity levels of 99.99% and higher. The high-temperature process is expensive and requires a lot of equipment. This can lead to higher production costs as well as increased investments. The high-temperature process is limited because it requires a lot of energy and produces very little output. These methods are not able to achieve long-term continuous mass production.
Is there any harm to your body from High Purity Graphite Pulp?
It is unlikely that there will be any toxicity. It is possible to inhale the powder into your lungs for long periods of time, without any protection. This can cause lung damage, including silicosis. Also, graphite can stimulate the throat, bronchus and cause allergic reactions (asthma). You can avoid this kind of disease by taking proper dust prevention steps.

Use High Purity Graphite Pulver
Graphite powder can be used to grind the material for friction between bearings in precision instruments or sliding blocks in clockwork device. Because graphite has high thermal conductivity and is hard, it’s a common material in electronics. It’s also used extensively in the aerospace industry. It’s used in the chemical and aerospace industries to make protective gas and hydrofluoric acids. It’s used widely in manufacturing seals to protect automotive engine parts.

How much is High Purity Graphite Pulp?
Price of High Purity Graphite Pulp is directly related to the size of its particles. Natural flake graphite, which has a high level of carbon as its processing raw material, is used to make high-purity Graphite Powder. Following mechanical crushing it is ground into graphite powder in different sizes. Finally, it undergoes a purification process. The carbon content is the measure of how pure high-purity graphite powder is. It’s above 99.9%. Higher carbon content means higher prices for high-purity Graphite Powder. The particle sizes of high-purity graphite are smaller than the average. However, high-purity Graphite Powder will cost less if its particle sizes get larger. On our official website, you can see the cost of High Purity Graphite powder.

High purity graphite powder supplier
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