Why is amorphous boron powder so strong in oxidation resistance?

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What’s Amorphous Boron Powder? Boron Powder Amorphous Is relatively active, tastes and odorless and stable at room and air temperatures. It can be heated up to 300 degrees, then oxidized and finally burned once it reaches 700. While the flame becomes red from burning, trace gasification’s boron flame will turn green. Hydrochloric acid (water, ethanol), ether, sulfuric, nitric, and molten iron are insoluble. Boron can be dissolved in the cold concentrated acid solution, where it becomes hydrogen. Boric acid is then oxidized by concentrated nitric and concentrated sulfuric acids. The elements boron and oxygen interact at high temperatures with each other. To form metal compounds, boron can be combined directly with several metals. You can combine it with organic compounds to make compounds that combine Boron with carbon, or compound with oxygen between boron-carbon. The position where boron divides elements in metal and nonmetal boundaries colors is called Monomer. It is nonmetallic with vital negative electric, small atomic radius and total nuclear charges. Its density is 2.35g/cm3. It is hardness 9.3. The melting point of 2300 is it and the boiling point 2550 are its points.

Amorphous Boron Powder
The chemical activity of amorphous simple boren is greater than that of simple crystalline boren. However, crystalline Boron is much harder. Boron is commonly used in the replacement of diamonds when making cutting tools or drill bit. A tiny amount of boron can be added to the process of melting metals. The boron acts twofold: it is a deoxidizer that prevents the metal from oxidizing at high temperatures and it also forms alloys which improve the metal’s properties.

Amorphous Boron powder properties
An important energy source is amorphousboron powder. It is a solid fuel used in composite solid propellants and has a calorific value that exceeds that of carbon. It has the highest volumetric calories, a density slightly higher than aluminum, and a volumetric calorific factor of almost three-folds that of any hydrocarbon fuel. In terms of its energy, boron is the best nonmetallic gasoline. Due to its unusual shape, its large specific area reduces the ignition temp by up to 80%.

Amorphous Boron Powder in Harm for the Human Body
Boron is extremely toxic. Many countries prohibit the use of Boron as food additives. Borax is a common ingredient in American food. Borax is used in food to protect from corrosion, expand elasticity and improve human health. Numerous toxic substances are easily expelled by the body. Borax will eventually be converted to acid in the body through gastric acid. Boric acid can then accumulate in the body. It is not possible to consume Borax every time, but it can build up. An ongoing intake can cause anorexia and vomiting and inhibit digestion. Boron in Borax is known to inhibit the DNA synthesis and cause damage to the DNA of the body.

Amorphous Boron powder price
Price will depend on the purity and size of Amorphous Boron Powder particles. The purchase volume may also have an impact on the price. Large quantities of smaller amounts will result in a lower price. On our official website, you can see the cost of amorphousboron powder.

Boron powder supplier
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