Aluminum Ingot Manufacturers

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An ingot is a piece of metal, usually a precious or base metal that has been molded into a specific shape to facilitate transportation and processing. Traditionally, ingots were formed by pouring or injecting molten liquid into a mold.

Ingots may also be used to cast non-metallic or semi-conductor materials that are prepared in bulk form by other means. Examples include polycrystalline or single crystal ingots of semiconductors (e.g., electronic chip wafers or photovoltaic cells) and non-conducting inorganic compounds for industrial or jewelry use (e.g., synthetic ruby or sapphire).

Aluminum Ingot manufacturers produce aluminum ingots through a process known as smelting. They come in a variety of different sizes and grades. They can be used for many different applications, including auto industry and electrical industries.

Aluminium ingot manufacturer produces pure aluminum ingots as well as alloyed ingots. Alloyed ingots are much stronger and more durable than their pure counterparts, so they are often more popular among customers.

Manufacturer of aluminum ingots serves the automotive, aerospace, microelectronics, composites, chemical, textile and magnetics industries. They offer ingot sizing, heat treating, hardening, packaging, analytical, recycling, annealing, crushing, screening and drying services.

Various shapes of ingots can be produced with this equipment, including round, square, hexagonal and rectangular. They can also be cut and milled, and shaped into various types of products.

Aluminum ingots are manufactured from bauxite, an ore that contains aluminum. They are then melted and processed into various aluminum products.