Aluminum Oxynitride Price

Transparent aluminum oxynitride price

A translucent ceramic material with exceptional strength and low weight, it can be fabricated into plates, bowls, rods, tubes, domes, semiconductors, sensors, and even in cell phone protector screens to protect against damage when dropped. It also offers a high level of optical transparency in the ultraviolet through mid-infrared wavelength ranges that can be used for military applications and commercial applications like transparent armor, blast-resistant windows, seeker domes, and military infrared optoelectronics.

Aluminium oxynitride is a polycrystalline transparent ceramic with excellent mechanical properties and high light transmittance. It has a hardness four times that of quartz glass and can withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius.

It’s tougher than titanium and stronger than bulletproof glasses, which is why it’s used in transparent armour applications for a wide range of defence and industrial uses. It’s also lighter than traditional bulletproof glasses and can stop a 50 calibre rifle round, making it perfect for blast-resistant windows, seeker domes, military infrared optoelectronics, and other applications where a tough, strong, transparent ceramic is needed.

Sintering Method for Producing an Aluminum Oxynitride Body

To produce an aluminum oxynitride body, precursor powders are mixed and sintering aids are added. Sintering aids are used to increase the rate of reaction and to control a temperature in the sintering process. The sintering process is then performed in a sintering chamber.

A small amount of doping additive may be added at this stage or later. In either case, the total amount of doping additive must not exceed 0.5% by weight of the green body during the sintering step.