Application of Magnesium Oxide in Ceramics

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What is magnesium oxide?

Magnesium oxide is an inorganic substance with a chemical formula of MgO, an oxide of magnesium, an ionic compound. It is a white solid at the room temperature. Magnesium oxide exist in nature in the form of periclase and is the raw material for magnesium smelting.

Magnesium oxide has the high fire resistance and insulation properties. After being burned at a high temperature above 1000degC, it can be transformed into crystals. When it rises to 1500-2000degC, it will become burnt magnesia (also called magnesia) or sintered magnesia. Magnesium oxide ceramics have good conductivity, mechanical strength and high-temperature resistance, and can be used in industries such as thick film integrated circuits, glass-ceramics, and microwave media.

The concentrated application of magnesium oxide in ceramics:

1. High-purity magnesia and alumina are used to prepare molten ceramic particles, which can be widely used in the field of abrasive tools–used together with rare earth oxides as a sintering aid to prepare the silicon nitride ceramics, which can efficiently and economically manufacture various products with complex shapes, such as cutting tools, seal rings, bearings, nozzles, and different high-temperature, wear-resistant, and Corrosion products, etc.

2. Preparation of magnesia ceramic core

The use temperature of the made magnesia ceramic core is not less than 1600, and it does not react with the cast metal under high-temperature conditions. The surface of casting is smooth, which makes up for a large number of pores and holes in the inner cavity of the casting when the silicon-based core is used for casting such materials. Defects such as sticky sand; excellent solubility, can be well dissolved in weak acid, short stripping time, simple stripping equipment, pollution-free stripping process, safe and reliable, reducing the cost of precision casting; casting hollow thin-walled castings. Thermal cracking occurs; the core size has high precision; it has sufficient strength and will not be deformed or broken during modelling, handling and the furnace installation.

3. Preparation of the high-toughness ceramic materials, using high-purity magnesium oxide and yttrium oxide or rare earth metal oxides as composite stabilizers to produce partially stabilized zirconia ceramics with excellent mechanical properties and high-temperature ageing resistance. The ceramic material can be widely used as the high-temperature engineering parts and advanced refractory materials.

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