Calcium Nitride Ca3N2 Name and Formula

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Calcium Nitride

Ca3N2 is a red-brown, crystalline solid made up of calcium and nitrogen. It is formed along with the oxide, CaO, when calcium burns in the air.

It is a chemical reagent which can be used to obtain reactive nitride ions. It can be used as a desiccant and it can also be reduced by other metal oxides to produce corresponding powder metallurgy materials.

Several isomorphous forms of this compound exist, and a-calcium nitride is more common. It can be a good choice for use in the laboratory, as it is an excellent and easy to work with material.

Names and Formulas for Ionic Compounds

When writing chemical formulas, there are two rules to follow. One is that the positive charge should be listed first and the negative charge should be listed second. The other is that the atom that contains the positive charge should be written into the order of its element stem.

The valency of calcium in the formula is +2 and the valency of nitride ion is -3. Therefore, the correct answer is option C.

Iron in the formula FeS has a valency of 2+ and ferric sulfide has a valency of 3+. The sulfate ion has a valency of -1 and the acid ion has a valency or -2.

When storing the powder, it should be kept in a dry, cool, and sealed environment, and not exposed to the air. It should be protected from heavy pressure and transported as ordinary cargo.