Calcium Stearate Emulsion

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The calcium stearate emulsion is prepared by combining aqueous solution of stearic acid and calcium oxide or hydroxide with the emulsifying agent. The emulsion is then cooled and mixed with n-octanol or modified polyvinyl alcohol. The result is a stable emulsion with high shear dispersibility, good dispersibility and low viscosity. It is also resistant to thermal denaturation and has no objectionable odour or pollution. It is suitable for lubrication, stabilizing and thickening in various processes. It is a highly effective ingredient in food and pharmaceuticals and serves as a lubricant in soaps, coatings and rubber.

A white, insoluble powder, calcium stearate is odorless and does not dissolve in water. It is also referred to as a lubricant or flow-aid and is used in the manufacture of food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. In the paper industry, it can improve paper coating smoothness and fluidity. It is also used as a coating additive for metal and wood. It is a common ingredient in chewing gums and candies. It is also a surface conditioner in some candies, such as Smarties and Jawbreakers, and is used to lubricate crayons and pencils.

As a corrosion inhibitor, calcium stearate inhibits the formation of a scale on steel and concrete surfaces. It can also reduce the corrosion rate of iron by blocking pores in the surface. It is also an excellent anti-caking agent, which prevents powder from clumping and making it easier to work with. It is also a water repellent, which can keep substances from being washed away by water.