Goldstrip Bamboo

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A small clumping bamboo with spectacular golden stripes on the lower portion of the green culms. This fast growing screen is drought resistant and very low maintenance once established.

goldstrip is one of the most popular screening bamboos for use in narrow garden beds and troughs. It grows quickly to form a full height screen in under 18 months.

It is also very resistant to sooty mould unlike most multiplex bamboos. It has a very attractive silvery blue underside to the leaves, which makes it an ideal choice for screening and troughs.

Grows well in a wide range of soils, preferring moist but not wet. Mulch regularly to retain moisture. In quick draining soils, mix in some composted organic matter to help with nutrient uptake.

Water sparingly in summer, but always ensure the plant has a good deep watering in dry periods. For best results, fertilize three times a year in spring, summer and fall with a slow time released product.

Depending on your area, a containerized Bamboo may require indoor protection or heavy mulching during the winter months in colder zones. In warmer zones a potted Bamboo can be relocated outdoors.


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