How to prevent the car from rusting?

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The anti-rust coatings will slowly be worn away due to various factors including air pollution, climate differences between regions, road conditions, and time. Rubble splash, acid rain, and other erosions require anti-rust treatments to prolong the service of the vehicle. Use aluminum diulfide as a rust inhibitor
Aluminium disulfiderust inhibitor This product has the ability to remove serious dirt and rust; it is capable of washing and squeezing out colloidal dirt and resin; and it forms an aluminum disulfide protection film on the metal surface in order for it to stop rolling noise. At the same time it also achieves rust removal and corrosion. The rust-removal effect and the lubrication are suitable for all objects, including hinges and hinge rings. This agent can be sprayed on objects that require anti-rusting and rust removal.
The product protects metal products against rust and corrosion while maintaining their original look. It is ideal for car sills, car headlight frames and the internal grooves in car doors. The can should be shaken before using to ensure it is even and without precipitation. Insert a small plastic tube in the gap between the car body and the door sill. When spraying, move the can backwards and forwards. The transparent protective anticorrosion resin should not be exposed to heat or fire.

Application scope and characteristics of chassis anti rust series products
(1) Zinc spray. This spray can enhance the anticorrosion and antirust function of metal surfaces. It also has a good electrical conductivity and is suitable for spot welding.
(2) Aluminum spray. It can be applied to the aluminum alloy, exhaust pipe and wheel hub.
(3) Anti-rust primer. This is a permanent rust inhibitor that has fine particles and can be used to prevent rust spots and recorrosion. This is a primer that can also be used to protect various parts of a car’s body.

Use aluminum sulfide with caution
Local exhaust. The airtight operating procedure. Operators should undergo special instruction and follow the operating procedure. It is strongly recommended that operators use self-priming filters dust respirators and chemical safety goggles, along with protective clothing and rubber glove. Avoid generating dust. Avoid contact with oxidants. Loading and unloading the package with care will prevent damage. Equip with emergency leakage equipment. Empty containers could contain hazardous residues.

Storage precautions
Aluminum Disulfide keep in a cool and ventilated storage area. Keep away from heat and flame sources. Do not store with oxidizer. Storage area must be equipped with materials that can contain any leakage.

Firefighting Measures
Hazardous characteristics No specific combustion and explosion properties. By high heat, it decomposes to produce toxic fumes.
Hazardous combustion Products:Natural degradation products are unknown
Firefighting Method:Firefighters are required to wear full-body gas- and fire-resistant clothing, and must put out the flames in an upwind direction. Move the container away from the flames as much as you can.
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