Iron 58

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Iron 58 is a naturally occurring stable isotope of iron. It has atomic weight of 56 and contains protons, neutrons, and electrons. In chemistry, it is used in steel and magnetic disks.

In the field of magnetics, it is used in magnetic tapes and tapes that contain an iron oxide. It is also an important element in the body. A number of studies have reported that infants have a lower circulating rate than adults. However, the exact mechanism of this difference remains unclear.

Some scientists have suggested that the abundance of 60Fe in extraterrestrial materials may help in understanding the origin of the Solar System. The decay of 60Fe in asteroids may have led to the remelting of the asteroids.

In addition, a significant amount of supernova brightness can be explained by nickel decaying to iron. Scientists have found high concentrations of radioactive isotopes of iron in early solar system materials. Hiroshi Saito et al. reports that the utilizability of radio iron was 10% in their 1975 study.

As a result, an enriched stable 58Fe isotope has been introduced in studies of iron metabolism. The enrichment of 58Fe isotope in a solution has been measured using instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA).

The results showed that the enrichment was accompanied by an increased incorporation of 58Fe into red blood cells in iron deficient patients. This is in line with the observed changes in the iron isotopic abundance in blood.

Furthermore, this study showed that 58Fe was well tolerated by healthy male subjects. Blood samples from controls and patients with iron related disorders were tested for 58Fe.

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