Lithium Stearate Solubility


Lithium stearate is soluble in water and ethanol.
As a general rule, substances in the lithium salts of monocarboxylic acids C14-C22 category are expected to have similar physico-chemical properties as they are all low molecular weight compounds, containing only a single carbon chain and therefore have an equal amount of fatty acid and metal cation.

Lithium stearate can be dissolved in aqueous solutions of lithium hydroxide (Shoueb 1999). It is insoluble in methanol, but soluble in ethanol and water.

It is also insoluble in ether and is hygroscopic. It is air sensitive and must be stored in a dry and well-ventilated container.

This substance is a component of high temperature lubricating greases and is used as a stabilizer for cosmetics and the plastic industry. It is also used as a corrosion inhibitor in petroleum products and as catalysts for chemical synthesis.

This substance is a component of automotive general-purpose lithium grease and can be used for lubrication of friction parts in the range from -30 degC to 120 degC. It is made by thickening fatty acid soap with low-condensation point mineral oil and adding rust inhibitors and antioxidants.