Platinum Nitrate Solution

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platinum nitrate is one of the raw materials for making palladium-containing compounds, heterogeneous catalysts and surface coatings for material surfaces. It is also indispensable for purifying automobile motorcycle exhaust catalyst and has broad market prospects. However, platinum nitrate solution is easily susceptible to hydrolysis which leads progressively from an increase in apparent viscosity to gel formation and in extreme cases to precipitation of orange Pt (IV) oxide. This makes it difficult to prepare the platinum nitrate solution required for processing the noble metal compound industry and other homogeneous catalyst industries as well as for exhaust gas treatment, combustion and petrochemical catalysts.

To overcome this problem the present invention provides a method for easily producing a platinum nitrate soln. that exists stably for one month or more. The method comprises adding nitric acid having a specified concn. to a hexahydroxopotassium platinum soln. in an amount equivalent to about 8 times (mol) the amt. of the hydroxyplatinic acid in order to reach this desired concentration.

After the hydroxyplatinic acid is perfectly dissolved by heating, nitric acid is added in an amount equal to about 8 times the amt. of the hydroxyplatinic acids in order to obtain a platinum nitrate solution that exists stably for a long period of time.

The nitric acid is also used to prevent platinum from precipitating in the form of black particles during the process. In addition, the nitric acid is also used to control the temperature of the solution. This helps to ensure that the solution is not contaminated with other substances such as salts, organic compounds or phenolic compounds.