Properties and Applications of Boron Carbide

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The crystal lattice of the boron-carbide crystal is D3d5R3m. The rhombohedral lattice can be described as an icosahedron-shaped primitive cell grid that extends diagonally in the space. The c-axis is the same as the diagonal of the area. A linear chain is formed by connecting three boron-atoms to an adjacent icosahedron. Three of the 12 icosahedral position are found on the chain. If B is due to the position of the icosahedron while C is in the linear chain, the stoichiometry is B4C.

1. Basic properties and applications for boron carbide

Low density

B4C density is small at 2.52g/cm3. The empirical formula (9) can be used to express the relationship between carbon content and density in the homogeneous area.


Because of the low density of the boron carbide, when the density is increased, the performance of the boron carbide can reach the standard, which means high strength, high toughness, and excellent performance. Therefore, it can be used for lightweight armor in order to reduce the body weight of vehicles and tanks. Save energy.

Hardness and wear resistant

B4C exhibits super hardness, and a high level of wear resistance. B4C’s Vickers Hardness in homogeneous areas increases as the C content increases. The hardness of carbon is 29.1 GPa when carbon is 10.6%. When carbon is 20%, hardness 21 can be as high as 37.7 GPa. At high temperature, its hardness remains high (>30GPa). You can express the change in hardness with temperature by using empirical formula (10).


The formula is: H0-the hardness of the material at room temperature

Temperature is T.

Carbon is a constant.

This formula applies to 201700. B4C is second only to cubic BN and diamond in terms of hardness.

B4C wear resistance increases with temperature. As the temperature increases, the friction coefficient of B4C decreases. It drops to 0.05 between 20 and 1400, while the friction rate continues to decline. B4C’s super hardness and friction properties have made it a popular nozzle for sandblasting.

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