Sodium Based Grease

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sodium based grease is an excellent choice for high-speed bearings, especially in automotive applications. It offers good solid shear stability and a high dropping point, as well as great rust protection. It is also capable of operating at a high temperature range and meets NLGI’s GC-LB specifications. sodium based greases are available in multipurpose (MP), extreme pressure (EP) and marine grades. Choosing the right type of grease for your application depends on several factors, including the base oil and additives.

Generally, the higher the melting point of the base oil, the better the grease will perform at elevated temperatures and in wet environments. This is because the lubricant will form a protective film on metal-to-metal contact, preventing it from being torn apart by frictional forces.

The preferred method of making a salt-based grease is to carry out a limited oxidation treatment on a saponifiable material comprising a fatty acid glyceride with a high proportion of free fatty acids in admixture with a minor amount of the mineral lubricating oil which will constitute the oil component of the grease. This oxidized mixture is then saponified and dehydrated at a temperature suitably below the melting point of the soap, preferably in a double boiler, until all of the soap is removed from the mass.

This is followed by the addition of the base oil and the thickener, which will give the final grease its properties. The research conducted on this grease found that the formulated oil-to-thickener ratio had a significant impact on the grease’s performance, particularly in terms of consistency, oil bleeding and FTIR characterization.