Sulfur Cesium – An Ionic Compound

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Sulfur cesium is an ionic compound of the elements Cesium and Sulfur. It is also known as CsS and is commonly found in zeolites such as chabazite and mordenite, which can be modified by sulfur addition to enhance the ion-exchange selectivity for cesium (Cs+) ions. The enhanced selectivity is attributed to the soft Lewis acidity of sulfur compared to hard Lewis acids such as alkali and alkaline earth metal ions.

Cesium, with the atomic symbol Cs and atomic number 55, is a soft, gold-colored alkali metal that reacts violently in water. It is the most reactive element in group 1 of the periodic table, the alkali metals. Its large atomic radius allows it to react well with oxygen, and it is used in atomic clocks and photoelectric cells. It is also a powerful electron emitter, and it is used to produce beamsplitters in electron tubes.

Its ion exchange properties make it useful in nuclear waste remediation, and it is used in a variety of electronic and optical devices. In solution, it is moderately soluble in both water and ethanol. It is also available in high-purity, submicron and nanopowder forms.

A common use is as a neutron spectrometer calibration standard, where it is mixed with helium and hydrogen gas to form a stable neutral helium-hydrogen mixture. It is also a common catalyst in the production of synthetic fuels.