The New Silver Solution

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the new silver solution

There are few antimicrobial compounds as broad-spectrum or safe as colloidal silver. It has been used for centuries, and in fact it was widely regarded as an effective antimicrobial agent long before antibiotics became widespread.

Silver is able to kill bacteria by stopping their growth or reproduction, so the body’s immune system can eliminate them. This is known as bacteriostatic action. This is why it can be effective in the face of antibiotic resistance (1,2).

Aside from killing bacteria, silver also supports and enhances the function of our healthy gut flora. It is able to do this by stealing their electrons (2,3). In addition, silver can prevent germs from absorbing oxygen by binding with their proteins (3,4).

Ionic silver solutions (also referred to as protein bound silver) differ from colloidal silver in that they contain no solid particles and instead contain silver ions. These silver ions are attached to proteins in the solution, which makes them less stable and less bioavailable.

When taken at high doses for months or years, too much silver can build up in the tissues of the body causing a blue grey appearance of the skin, eyes, organs and nails called argyria (5,6). Argyria can also cause joint pain, headaches and stomach upset.