The Properties And Applications of Boron Carbide Powder

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Boron carbide , or black diamond, has a formula of B4C. It’s usually a gray-black powder. It is one the hardest materials (after diamonds and cubic boron Nitride).

Boron Carbide Properties

Boron carbide has a very high chemical potency, neutron absorbance, wear resistance, and semiconductor conductivity. Boron carbide, one of most stable substances for acid, is stable in any concentrated or diluted acid or alkali solutions.
Boron carbide, in an atmosphere with low temperatures, is stable. The boron oxide that is formed when it is oxidized at higher temperatures, is lost in gas phase. It then oxidizes into carbon dioxide and borontrioxide.
The Mohs hardness for boron carbide, at 9.5, is third-hardest after cubic boron and diamond. Its hardness is also higher than that of silica carbide. Boron carbide has low density and high strength. It also has good chemical stability, a high temperature resistance, and a high level of heat stability.

Boron carbide Applications

Boron carbide has been used to make wear-resistant materials and ceramic reinforcing phases. It is also used in the manufacture of lightweight armors, reactor neutron absorbers, etc. Boron carbide, because it is low-cost and easy to make, is widely used. It can replace expensive Diamond in some areas and is commonly used for grinding and drilling.

Control nuclear fission
Boron carbide absorbs a large amount of neutrons while avoiding the formation of radioactive isotopes. This makes it an ideal neutron absorption material in nuclear power stations. The neutron absorption material is also used to control nuclear fission. Boron carbide, which is used in nuclear reactors, is usually made in a controlled rod shape. But sometimes it’s made into powder form because of its increased surface area.

Abrasive material
The high melting temperature of boron carbide makes it difficult to cast into artificial shapes. However, it can be easily shaped by melting the powder in high temperatures. It is used for grinding, polishing, drilling, and grinding hard materials like cemented carbide or gemstones.

Coating paint
Boron carbide may also be used to coat warships or helicopters. It is light and resistant to armor-piercing bullets.

It is used in the manufacture of gun nozzles for the munitions sector. Due to its high hardness and wear resistance, the boron-carbide sandblasting needle will replace sandblasting tools made of silicon carbide/tungsten and cemented carbide/tungsten.

Boron carbide also is used in the production of metal borides.

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