The Properties And Applications of Silicon Nitride Ceramics

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Silicon nitride The ceramics material is synthetic. In its structure, there is a strong covalent bond between nitrogen and silicon atoms. The silicon nitride is a ceramic with high hardness and strength. It also has good wear resistance.
Material industry has regarded silicon nitride materials as engineering ceramics with excellent comprehensive characteristics and that can be used at high temperatures.

The properties and applications of silicon-nitride ceramics

Normal temperature strength and high fracture toughness are characteristics of silicon nitride. They will maintain their strength at high temperatures. These are its main performances:

1. Material made of silicon nitride has a low coefficient of linear expansion, excellent thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance.

2. The hardness is 99.5. This is only second to diamonds and BN.

It is also self-lubricating, wear-resistant and has a low friction coefficient.

4. It has a good mechanical property, high-temperature stability, high flexural and creep strength at high temperatures, and a good high temperature stability.

5.Silicon Nitride material is good at high temperature and has good insulation properties;

Silicon Nitride Ceramics: Applications

Si3N4 ceramics have been used widely in a variety of industrial fields due to its excellent properties.

Silicon nitride Ceramics are used by the machinery industry for turbine blades. They can also be found in high-temperature rollers, high speed cutting tools, permanent moulds, and high temperature bearings. ;

The metallurgical industries use silicon nitride ceramics as parts of thermal equipment like crucibles, aluminum reduction cells and burners.

Chemical industry uses silicon nitride as a corrosion and wear resistant ceramic for parts such as pump bodies, ball valves or burners. ;

In the electronic industry, silicon-nitride ceramics can be used for high temperature insulators as well as film capacitors.

As radomes and engines, silicon nitride is used. Aerospace industry

Ceramics made of silicon nitride are used by the nuclear industry to support and space nuclear reactors. They can also be used as carriers for fissionable materials.

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