The Property And Application of Tungsten Oxide WO3 Powder

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What property does tungsten dioxide have?

Tungsten oxide The chemical formula of WO3 is a powdery light yellow triclinic crystal. The tungsten dioxide crystals turn orange when the temperature exceeds 740degC. After cooling, they return to their original state. Tungsten dioxide powder is stable at air temperatures, with a melting and boiling point above 1750degC.
Tungsten Oxide is not soluble in water, nor in any inorganic acid other than hydrofluoric. In hot sodium hydroxide solution, WO3 can be dissolved with ammonia. When the temperature exceeds 650°C, it can be reduced with H2 and by C at 1000-1100°C to get tungsten.

What is the application of tungsten dioxide?

Tungsten dioxide is used in many ways every day. The tungsten oxide is commonly used in the production of industrial X-ray screen and fireproof fabrics. tungsten dioxide is used in ceramics and paints as a yellow pigment because of its high content of yellow elements.

The production of electrochromic and smart windows has used tungsten oxide. These windows are the glass with the electric switch, the performance of light transmission, and the voltage change. Users can tint their windows by changing how much heat or light is being applied. Use of high-density, inert metals is another option. In the 2008-2009 war between Israel and Gaza Strip, the use of these explosives was more prominent.

Some tungsten oxide can be used to make chemical products like paints, coatings, catalysts in the petroleum industry, etc. But tungsten dioxide is an intermediary product. A large amount of this oxide is used for metal tungsten or tungsten carbide powder, then used to manufacture metal tungsten products.

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