What is aluminum nitride AlN

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Where can you purchase aluminum Nitride

Aluminum nitride is a kind of ceramic material that is utilized as a refractory element. It has an hexagonal pattern of wurtzite. Pure aluminum is typically blue-white. Aluminum nitride clay typically is white or grayish.

Aluminum nitride remains stable at high temperatures in an inert atmosphere. It melts at 2800 degrees Celsius. It has excellent thermal conductivity and electrical insulation. Additionally it has low dielectric constants as well as dielectric loss. The combination of these characteristics make it a perfect material for advanced applications in lighting, optics and electronics, as well as renewable energy.

Aluminum nitride can be prepared using the following methods: direct nitriding; carbothermal, high energy ball grinding; high temperature self-propagating synthetic synthesis; chemical desposition of vapor.

AlN aluminum nitride properties:

Can resist the erosion of melting metals, including copper, lithium, and aluminum.

It is resistant to most melt salts, such as chloride and cryolite.

Ceramic materials possess an excellent thermal conductivity (second only beryllium oxide is second).

High Volume Resistivity

High dielectric strength.

It is easily eroded by acids or bases.

In what region is Aluminium Nitride used?

Aluminum nitride aln is a solid nitride made of aluminum. It’s a thermal conductor with high values of up to 321 W/m*K and an electrical insulation.

Because of its thermal conductivity aluminum nitride is a good choice for use extensively and is frequently substituted by berylliumoxid because of the inherent health dangers associated with BeO. A functional aspect of aluminum nitride is its cte, or thermal expansion coefficient is significantly lower than those of Alumina (or beryllium dioxide), which allows for the best match to CTE similar silicon applications. Aluminum nitride has a low reaction to many chemicals and gases which makes it more appropriate for use in the semiconductor sector.

Applications for aln aluminum Nitride

Radiator and radiator.

The laser’s electrical insulation.

Clamps, chucks, and clamps for processing machines made of semiconductors.

Processing of silicon wafers as well as other processes.

Substrates or insulations for microelectronic and optoelectronic device.

Electronic packaging substrate

Chip carriers for sensors or detectors.



Laser thermal management module.

Molten metal fixture.

The packaging for microwave ovens

Is aluminum nitride a ceramic?

Aluminum nitride is a covalent bond ceramic.

Aluminum nitride cost

The price can be affected by a variety of factors, such as the demand and supply on the market, industry trends, economic activity, market sentiment and other unexpected happenings.

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How do you obtain aluminum Nitride?

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