Where does Cadmium Telluride Film Go

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Cadmium Telluride: Characteristics and advantages Cadmium Telluride thin-film solar cells offer the advantage of easy production, short cycle production and the possibility of recycling the cell after its life span. CdTe films have many advantages, which has led to the industry becoming more concerned about them.

The Present State of the Photovoltaic Market

As the market for photovoltaics is maturing, there are many products that compete. There is no suspense in the battle for product of thin film and crystal silica. The cost of thin film products is falling and it will become difficult for them to be competitive. There won’t even be a market place for those products if they are not competitive. Longyan Energy’s thin-film modules have an efficiency greater than 12.5%. The average output power is 80W. In recent years, domestic crystalline silica components have exceeded 17%. High-efficiency single crystal products with a high efficiency have risen to over 20% in recent years. The power output has increased by 400W. The American thin-film manufacturer First Solar was the first to produce CdTe cells. The technology has been around for a while. CdTe thinfilm cells have a lab efficiency above 22.1%. Its component efficiency was about 19.5%. First Solar holds a substantial lead in this field, and is even the only one. China’s development of cadmium thin films is therefore a backward step.

Cadmium Telluride Films

Although development of cadmium Telluride Film is being impeded at the moment, this technology is one of most established thin-film power generator technologies. With a theoretical efficiency value of nearly 30% higher than that of crystalline silicon cell, an easier process than those cells, as well as advantages like flexibility and high temperatures performance, Cadmium telluride film has great potential to develop in the future. To ensure that the domestic cadmium thin film industry continues to thrive, it’s important to fully understand the benefits and features of this thin film. Reduce production costs by doing so in an efficient manner, realizing localization of production equipment quickly and continuing to innovate to lower production costs. Second, the flexible nature of cadmium Telluride Film will allow it to be turned into window walls, car roofs charging kit, backpacks and other markets. Third, make sure that recycling is done well to minimize environmental pollution. Tungstenmolybdenummetals (aka. Tungstenmolybdenummetals is an advanced material. With over 12 years’ experience, Tungstenmolybdenummetals is an established global supplier of chemical materials and manufacturer. We produce [( Cadmium Telluride] that is high in purity, small particles and very low in impurity. We can help you if your requirements are lower.
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