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Yttrium oxide (y2o3 or yttria) is an air-stable white solid. It is the most important starting material in materials science and is used for making yttrium compounds, such as yttrium iron garnets that are effective microwave filters. Yttrium oxide is also an essential raw material for many inorganic chemical applications. Yttrium oxide doped with europium gives Y2O3:Eu, which is an excellent luminescent material that emits red-orange light when excited by electrons (cathodoluminescence).

In industrial hygienist circles it is well known that MSDSs often provide inaccurate, incomplete or even misleading information. They are notorious for not clearly identifying the ingredients in a product and for providing information which is inappropriate for use by industrial hygienists or treating physicians.

The most important function that an MSDS provides is to identify the hazardous constituents of a product. There is little value in an employee showing up at a hospital emergency room with an occupational illness and telling the physician that they accidentally swallowed “Jone’s Wonder Miracle Kleaner and Gardener’s Helper.” An MSDS should provide clear uncomplicated information in terms appropriate for the lowest literate member of our society while simultaneously providing useful technical data to industrial hygienists and treating physicians.