Lithium Nitrate Solution

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lithium nitrate solution is produced by a chemical reaction between nitric acid and lithium carbonate. The by-products of this process include water and carbon dioxide. It is used as a heat exchange media and as a laboratory reagent.

It is also an excellent oxidizing agent, making it useful as an ingredient in special pyrotechnic devices to give a red flame. It is also a good chemical precursor for the production of high purity compounds and catalysts.

When diluted to water, lithium nitrate has a density of 2,38 g/cm3 at room temperature and decomposes to nitric oxide (Li2 O) at temperatures greater than 600 degrees C. It can be used in a variety of applications, including as a laboratory reagent, in pyrotechnic devices and in a number of industrial applications.

This material has no specific toxicity. However, it may cause irritation to the skin and eyes. It may also cause an explosion if ingested.

A lithium nitrate solution is used as a concrete expansion control additive to suppress ASR and reduce cracking. This is accomplished by adding small amounts of the solution to the mix water at a dosage that controls expansion due to ASR. The addition of lithium nitrate solution, when used at the levels necessary to effectively control expansion due to ASR, does not adversely affect the properties of fresh or hardened concrete. It slightly enhances the workability of concrete and may lead to a small decrease in setting time.